The Electroneum tokens are sold out!
At least the first batch are.
Notice was just sent out:
Their goal of 40 Million USD has been reached!
The sale was scheduled to last till Oct. 31st.

If you were thinking about it,
You will have to wait …!!

You may still sign up now, and get an Electroneum wallet, so you will be ready
when these tokens open for  sale on the exchanges.

It will be interesting to see the value when these tokens are listed on open exchanges...

My Professional Prediction:
$20 WILL BECOME $11,428,000

If you had bought Bitcoin at this stage
the cost was .02

Check the current price of bitcoin HERE

Electroneum would have cost you .01

When Electroneum reaches the current value of Bitcoin, EVERY DOLLAR WILL HAVE BECOME $571,400!!!

You notice I said WHEN…..not if??

Bitcoin paved the way for Electroneum to explode.

And this explosion is currently visible!

Please forgive me if you feel misled by my "fake news" headline.
I do not blame, but rather give credit to Bitcoin, and the now 717 other verified
cryptocurrency tokens for proving the realistic value that Electroneum WILL have.
When you look at the other crypto numbers, you might see .123456789012345

When you look at the Electroneum numbers you see .12

Do you understand now, why it IS going to surpass the value of Bitcoin? I predict this will happen VERY QUICKLY!

Electroneum has really struck a chord with the public and the excitement is overwhelming!

We've gone from 60,000 contributors a week ago to a whopping 130,000+ and we are getting an additional 1000 per hour as I type!

Electroneum was tweeted about by Harry Redknapp (a famous, English, former football manager) towards the end of last week
and I'd just like to point out that we did not pay him to do that, but we VERY much appreciate him doing it (thanks Harry!)
 He has joined in with the excitement that Electroneum is creating, and it has lead to some great publicity for us
with both Bloomberg and the Telegraph picking up the story (see links below):

Full Disclosure Statement: If you purchase Electroneum from this page I will benefit but not from Blockchain or BitPay

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This is the final stages of the initial coin offering(ICO)

5th 7 days 12 – 18 october 2017 10% 110 coins per USD $1
Last 19 – 31 October 2017 0% 100 coins per USD $1

May all your endeavors be prosperous,
Thomas H. Keoppel