Welcome To The Hashing Ad Space Training Page!

Follow along with the video and images below. Pause the video and go to the site to follow along also.

In order to use this page just copy the link and add your user name at the back of the link


Sign up for Hashing Ad Space under the person who invited you. Make sure there is a name there or get back to your sponsor!

You must find the activation email and click the link.

You are now ready to log in.

If you haven't recieved your activation email, click the image below

You can send an email to support if the problem persists.

Every time you log in you will see an ad for 7 seconds. When the timer runs out press dashboard.

The next step is to complete your Profile, and set your 2 step authentication P.I.N.

Once your all set with your profile it's time to start "minting" ads. Go to the top, Right Hand corner and press the blue button that says "start minting ads"

You will be shown an ad for 7 seconds.

When that ad finishes press "next ad" and if you have minting power left another ad will appear. This will continue until you have "minted" your total amount for the day.

This green banner will appear on your screen when you are done for the day.

On the Left hand side of your dashboard, you'll see a menu. This is where you can order traffic, or advertising on the site, and also order Asimi staking power.

This box will open when you order Asimi stakes, and a discription of what you are buying is displayed. Read it carefully and make sure you understand what you're buying.

When you're ready another box will open and you can proceed with your purchase. Stake value is set by the current price Asimi is trading at on the decentralised exchange. This number will fluctuate.Each stake lasts 365 days and allows you to "mint" one ad daily.

I hope this presentation helped you make a decision about Hashing Ad Space. If you have any other questions or concerns I can be reached at  allinoneprofitspro@gmail.com

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Get the system that ties it all together!

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